50 things…

50 things my son doesn’t need me for…

50-things-my-son-doesnt-need-me-forI made a list of 50 things my son doesn’t need me for…..

Exploring the changing relationship between my son and myself, this body of work speaks about issues of loss. My interest is with the details and familiarity of everyday events. I focus on unremarkable maternal experiences of daily life that relate to a particular time, but which to me articulate both the extraordinary and the momentous, and represent the more fundamental changes that will inevitably occurs as my son grows older.

I wanted the list to consist of everyday tasks, mundane details, things that build up an overall picture of our relationship. My intention was to focus on the notion of loss as experienced from the mother’s perspective. The work also explores feelings of maternal ambivalence, trapped in monotony, and the inherent contradictions with positive memories of closeness with my son.

The work is personal but communicates universally, recreating the experience of motherhood, and the lengthy and drawn-out process of separating from a child.



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