tell me about your mother

tell me about your mother…

tell-me-about-your-mother-lineI am collecting stories about mothers, exploring the complex subject of maternal relationships. I invite visitors to come and sit in my pseudo-domestic setting, and ‘tell me about your mother…’

This project aims to both celebrate and expose this most powerful, yet often problematic, relationship between mothers and their children, and is nurtured by an on-going dialogue between artist and contributors. Somewhat recursively, one objective of each installation, when exhibited, has been to collect memories to further develop the project. The title references Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis, which expounds the notion that all behaviour and personality is shaped by one’s childhood and parents, with particular focus on the mother.

Below this virtual exhibition is a comment box where you can leave your own thoughts and recollections about your mother to become incorporated in later phases of my work and exhibitions


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